The information below is a series of links to the workshop schedule, lessons covered during the workshop and helpful links. See photo album from the event.


Friday Resource Links
Team Builder - Telephone Pictionary
Elementary - Science and Knowing: Ancient Oceans, and Isle Royale
   Powerpoint presentation   
Taking the Temperature of Ancient Oceans
   Ancient Oceans PowerPoint 
   Ice Extent on Earth
   Mg/Ca Ratio
Isle Royale, Not Battle Royale
Middle and High - GMO Case Studies
   Eras of Crop Improvement
   Curriculum Guide
   Domestication Activity Flashcards
   Genetic Modification Flashcards
   Green Revolution Activity Flashcards
   Investigating the GMO Controversy
   CER Worksheet
   Curriculum Guide
   Roleplay - Scientist
   Roleplay - Consumer
   Roleplay - Fish Farmer
   Roleplay - Grocer
   Why Genetically Modify?
   Additional Resources - AquAdvantage Salmon
   Additional Resources - Flavr Savr Tomato
   Additional Resources - Rainbow Papaya
   Audio and Video Cheat Sheet
   Curriculum Guide
   Fact Sheet - AquAdvantage Salmon
   Fact Sheet - Flavr Savr Tomato
   Fact Sheet - Rainbow Papaya
   Student Presentation Rubric
Elementary - Oligotrophic (NSF support from grants OCE-1436865 and DEB 1639033)
   Bloom in a Bottle/Oligotrophic Powerpoint presentation
   Tiny Oligotrophic - Full Color  
   Tiny Oligotrophic - Print Friendly
   Tiny Oligotrophic Rules
   Oligotrophic - Full Color
   Oligotrophic - Print Friendly
   Oligotrophic Instructions
   Oligotrophic Rulebook
Middle and High - Systems Thinking
   Powerpoint presentation
   Blank problem solving activity
   Problem solving activity instructions
   Problem solving activity Todd example
   Systems Thinking definitions
   Systems Thinking resources for teachers
Elementary - Sea Ice
   Polar Ice Drifter Design
   Ice drift Powerpoint presentation (large file)
   Sea navigation Powerpoint presentation
Middle and High - RCRV: Exploring Data and Storytelling
   Powerpoint presentation
   Data Exploration worksheet
   Isle Royale video links
   Isle Royale write-up

Saturday Resource Links
Ag in the Classroom (AITC)
   Powerpoint presentation
   Oregon AITC Website:
   Jessica Jansen Oregon AITC Director contact:
   Links to lessons covered at each level below:
   Elementary School Activities
   Lesson: Making Bioplastic
   Lesson: The Apple Farming Game 
   Lesson: Poetry of Agriculture
   Lesson: Source Search
   Middle School
   Lesson: Water Filtering & Soil
   Lesson: Build it Better
   Lesson: Increasing Food Production with Precision Agriculture
   Lesson: Poetry of Agriculture
High School
   Lesson: Water Filtering & Soil
   Lesson: Build it Better
   Lesson: Increasing Food Production with Precision Agriculture
   Lesson: Food Science: Bread Dough Challenge

Other Resources
Slime Recipes
Fluffy slime recipe
Basic clear Borax slime
Basic slime recipe (PBS)
3 slime recipes without Borax
3 ingredient fluffy slime w/o Borax
Slime w/o glue or Borax
Gel Beads
Gel Beads Lesson
Video - Making Sodium Alginate Gel Beads