The information below is a series of links to the workshop schedule, lessons covered during the workshop and helpful links.


From Fossils to Phylogenies
BLAST Activity
Bringing Back the Dinosaurs - A Case Study
From Fossils to Phylogenies Presentation
Mass Spectrometry Activity
Phylogenetic Trees Activity

Ocean Currents, Zooplankton & HABS: A Data Story

Ocean Currents
Comprehending Currents: Wind Driven
Comprehending Currents: Density Driven

Introduction to Plankton PPT (narrated)
Make a Microbe
The Great Plankton Race
Pick your Plankton

"Invasive Species" Watershed and Invasive Species Education (WISE) Program
The goal of Aquatic Invasions! Menace to the West Curriculum is to provide teachers with classroom and field based resources to encourage integrating the fascinating, relevant, and engaging topic of aquatic invasive species into your classroom to teach STEAM (Science Technology, Engineering, Art and Math). The lessons were designed to appeal to many different learning levels and settings, and it is likely you will find a resource, lesson, or idea that can help you reach benchmarks by means of a very relevant and interesting topic: aquatic invasive species. There are 20 lessons to use in classrooms and afterschool clubs.

Tuesday night dinner speaker
Circe Verba, Ph.D., Research Geologist, Geology and Geospatial Analysis, National Energy Technology Laboratory