Hello SMILE Teachers,

Thank you for participating in two of our new Systems Thinking lessons and providing feedback during the teacher workshop in January. We have two more lessons that are finished and would greatly appreciate some quick feedback on them as well.

The feedback we are asking for is based on reading through the lesson plans and presentations, then filling out a quick survey on the usefulness and accessibility of the lessons. The survey should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

Both lessons and surveys are linked below:

“Distinctions” Lesson
"Distinctions" Survey - https://forms.gle/HX1AMdFa6PBvUyQWA

“Emerging Occupations” Lesson
"Emerging Occupations" Survey - https://forms.gle/yxnDhcCuvk2ibYAX9

At the end of the survey is a space to write any other feedback that you wish to share.

Thank you,

MIME Capstone Team 206

Josh, Brooke, Dustin, Tom