The information below is a series of links to the workshop schedule, lessons covered during the workshop and helpful links.


Friday Resource Links
Team Builder
Elementary - Aquatic Wild
Middle/High - Edison Robots
   Presenters Packet
   Individual Teacher's Packet
   Group Solutions
Middle/High - Mechanical Engineering (ME) Team
   SMILE Presentation - ME Team Powerpoint
   Eye of the Tiger
Middle/High - Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (IME) Team
   Mission Submersible Lesson
   Mission Submersible Powerpoint
Mystery of the Disappearing Pteropods: Dude Where's My Shell
   Dude Where's My Shell
Windmills: We Don't Create Energy, We Convert Energy
   Wind Power Powerpoint
   Windmills, NGSS and Engineering Powerpoint
   Windmill Lesson Plan
   Data Recording Sheet
   Worksheet - Four Designs
   Worksheet - Three Designs with Questions

Saturday Resource Links
Mahna, Mahna Phenomahna Elementary
   Demystifying the NGSS Powerpoint
   Science & Engineering Practices Circus - lesson plan
   Practices Circus - list of stations
   Practices Circus - worksheet
   Dropper Poppers - lesson
   Dropper Poppers - inquiry lab
Mahna, Mahna Phenomahna Middle
   NGSS Phenomena
   Ambitious Science Teaching
   NGSS Worksheet
Mahna, Mahna Phenomahna High