The information below is a series of links to the workshop schedule, lessons covered during the workshop and helpful links.


Friday, January 24, 2020
Communicating Ocean Sciences to Informal Audiences: Ocean sciences impacting community resilience
   COSIA Currents Lesson
   COSIA Currents Powerpoint
RCRV Connection/Challenge Activities
   Science and Engineering at Sea
      Build a Boat for Scientific Research
      Mission Submersible
      Plastic Soup
      Engineering Challenge - Save the Soup
      Vocanoes - The Ring of Fire in the Pacific Northwest
      Engineering Challenge - Helping Hand at the Bottom of the Ocean
      Life on a Vent
      Regional Class Research Vessel Project
      Science and Engineering at Sea - Materials List
      Student Cost Sheet for Any Eng Activity
   Careers Glider Tech (MS/HS)
      MS/HS RCRV Careers Glider Tech Powerpoint
      Ocean Careers and Holland Games
      Glider Powerpoint
      Glider Data Lesson
      Glider Data Student Worksheet
      The Claimed Invention: A Companion for GeaRS (GRS), The Robot Cat
      Technology and Patenting Powerpoint
   RCRV Challenge Overview   
Sea Ice
   MOSAiC Powerpoint
   Sea Ice Tracking: Module 1 - Lesson Plan
   Tracking Sea Ice Powerpoint
   Invention Powerpoint
   Cantilever Challenge
   Design Squad Invent Guide
   Sundial Design
Connecting K12 Students to OSU Engineers
   Gone Fishin'
Alien Genetics: Intro to Heredity
   Baby Alien Powerpoint
   Baby Alien Teacher Guide
   Alien Genetics for High Schoolers
Disappearing Glaciers
   Google Earth Websites and Resources
Identifying GMOs
   Genetic Engineering in Agriculture
Tour of TallWood Design Institute
Family Math and Science Night Activities
   College Search

Saturday, January 25, 2020
Citrus Painting
   Teacher's Notes
   Bromocresol Green Safety Data Sheet
   Teacher's Notes
   A Review on Rheological Properties and Measurements of Dough and Gluten
AITC for Elementary School
   Calendar Art Contest (K-6)
   Ag Fest Essay Contest (3-5)
   Link to Lesson Plans
   Free Kits
   Virtual Farm Field Trips
AITC for Middle School
   Virtual Farm Field Trips
AITC for High School
   Virtual Farm Field Trips