SMILE's Impact, Projects, & Programs

The SMILE Program Impacts

Science & Math Investigative Learning Experiences (SMILE) is a Precollege Program at Oregon State University (OSU). SMILE clubs and events engage rural students in STEM activities that incorporate art, design and communication, and contribute to creative and innovative problem solving.

What are SMILE Clubs?


Celebrating 30 years of the Science and Math Investigative Learning Experiences (SMILE) Program.

SMILE 30th Anniversary Video


Matt Ogawa, OSU Associate Director of Admissions, shares some of his experiences as a SMILE club member in Ontario High School.

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2016 SMILE Summer Bridge students share their experience with the Summer Bridge Program.

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Hear SMILE teachers speak about their experience with SMILE!

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Middle & High School Challenges

Here is our Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROVs) Engineering Team (Chris and Theadora) testing out ROVs for the SMILE High School and Middle School Challenges supported by the Regional Class Research Vessel Program funded by the National Science Foundation!  We can't wait to use these ROVs at the Spring Challenge events!

Remotely Operated Vehicles video


Meet the 2017-18 Mechanical Engineering team and learn about their project through this four part video series!

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This video includes highlights from the 2017 SMILE Middle School Challenge. Students were challenged to build a prosthetic leg in just two short hours. They used their imaginations, teamwork and lots of duct tape.

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Meet the 2016-17 Mechanical Engineering Team and their mechanical hand prototype!

ME Team 1st Prototype

Oregon State SMILE 2016/2017 ME Team Introduction


Meet the 2015-16 Mechanical Engineering Team and their earthquake simulation table!

SMILE ME Introduction to Earthquakes

ME Video #2: Building the Shake Table & Preparing for the Challenge!


Other SMILE Videos

Making sodium alginate gel beads is a fun and easy experiment to do with your students. This short video covers the basic definitions relating to the materials used and explores current research done using gel beads.

Sodium Alginate Gel Beads