A photograph of Ken Dickey. Ken Dickey

SMILE Club Nyssa High School - Nyssa, Oregon

Ken Dickey has been a SMILE club teacher for the past 23 years. In this video, he shares some of his experience using bioenergy lessons in the Nyssa SMILE club and his chemistry classes. Ken also reflects on the impact of the SMILE Club on the school graduation rates and student success.

A photograph of Tanya JonesTonya Jones

SMILE Club at Forest Grove High School - Forest Grove, Oregon

Tonya Jones has been a SMILE Club teacher for 19 years. She appreciates the new lessons ideas and cutting edge science, like bioenergy, that the SMILE program presents to teachers during their development workshops. These hands-on materials have positively influenced her SMILE Club and her high school science classes.

A photograph of Tim TaltyTim Talty

SMILE Club at Lorna Byrne Middle School - Cave Junction, Oregon

Middle school science teacher Tim Talty has been leading the Cave Junction SMILE Club for the past 14 years. In this video, he talks about the hands-on learning strategy of the SMILE club he directs to teach complex concepts such as bioenergy. Tim also reflects on the SMILE Program's effect on high school graduation rates and college attendance.

A photograph of Forest Martin

Forest Martin

SMILE Club at Coquille Middle School

Coquille Oregon

SMILE Teacher, 2 years



A photograph of Ken Bee

Ken Bee (previous SMILE student)

SMILE Club at French Prairie Middle School

Woodburn, Oregon

SMILE Teacher, 1 year