Obtaining Membership Forms

Membership applications can be completed on paper or online

Signing up your club members for 2022-23

  1. Choose if you would like to use Ideal-Logic online or paper forms for membership. You should only do one or the other. Please note: Ideal-Logic will be used to manage clubs and club logs, and teachers will have access to it regardless if you use it for membership forms.
  2. Review the membership lists provided to you at the Summer Teacher Workshop that list the last four years of SMILE students from your district.
  3. If you choose to use paper applications, send them home with your students. The application is English on one side and Spanish on one side. Otherwise, log in to Ideal-Logic, copy the “Membership Form Link” and send it to parents to register their child.
  4. All students need to fill out an application for the 2022-23 school year. This will be done either using Ideal-Logic or a paper application form based on your choice in step #1. If a paper application is filled out, it can be returned in one of the following ways:

Paper membership forms and postage paid return envelopes were provided at the SMILE Summer Teacher Workshop. You can also download the membership form above.

As requested, we also have a SMILE Clubs promo video on the SMILE website or via this YouTube link. Its target audience is potential first-time SMILE students of all grade levels.

Online membership applications:

Returning teachers will login to their SMILE dashboard using the login name and password they set up in a previous year. New teachers will be invited to set up an account in Ideal-Logic to manage their club applications and club logs. 

Following the Summer Teacher Workshop, SMILE emailed a SMILE Manual to teachers to help answer questions and provide resources: SMILE Manual (updated August 2022)

On your club dashboard, go to "Membership Form Link" and copy the link for your club. Each club has a URL specific to their club that can be sent to parents to complete the online application. 

OSU SMILE Teacher Help Guide

Ideal-Logic Demo #1 (video)