Global warming is a serious problem for our generation and the generations to come. Global warming is an increasing in the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere, which has increased by 1.4 °F since 1900. Even though this change may seem insignificant, this temperature change is believed to already be causing climate change in some parts of the world.  Steps can be taken to educate future generations on the many negative effects of global warming and how their individual actions can help prevent these effects. Everyone has a carbon footprint and it is highly dependent on lifestyle choices such as transportation, diet, and purchases.

This activity will help students understand the effect of their life choices on their carbon footprint. It will also help them recognize the lifestyle choices available to them that would lower their carbon footprint. Additionally, students will also be asked to critically think whether the options for lowering their carbon footprint available are actions that they are willing to take.

Grade Level Range: 
High School (9-12)