An image of the card graphics. In the year 2182, environmental degradation has taken its toll on Earth. Those who have managed to survive years of famine, drought and disease rally around an eccentric leader with plans to leave Earth and colonize a lush planet five light years away. Your team is among those who join the armada and flee Earth in search of a new home.

During the journey, disaster strikes your ship, and you are forced down onto a strange alien world, known as Exoplanet 1061. While this planet is Earth-like in many respects, it does not have any fossil fuels.

The planet appears hospitable. However, soon after you crash land, your team’s scientists discover it is merely a matter of time before one of the planet’s two suns goes supernova. Your team needs to survive to repair the ship, conduct research, and develop a means to produce rocket fuel so you can escape Exoplanet 1061 before it is too late. 


Get Exoplant 1061 using the links below:

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Exoplanet 1061: A Sustainability Game - Habitat Cards*

Exoplanet 1061: A sustainabilty Game - Tech Map and Tabulation Board*

Exoplanet 1061: A Sustainability Game - Additional Game Cards*

Grade Level Range: 
Middle School (6-8)
High School (9-12)