Below are videos made of program events, students, educators and resources. Simply click on the links provided to view. 


Mechanical Engineering Team 2017-18

This is the second in a series of four videos documenting the ME Team’s project from start to finish. This video shows the engineering design process, the design alternatives and the analysis and final virtual prototype.

Mechanical Engineering Team 2017-18

Meet your 2017-18 Mechanical Engineering (ME) Team.  This is the first in a series of four videos documenting the ME Team’s project from start to finish.  This video introduces the team, provides an overview of their project, and has a challenge for you to try at the end. 

Middle school SMILE club students building a prosthetic leg.2017 Middle School Challenge

This video includes highlights from the 2017 SMILE Middle School Challenge. Students were challenged to build a prosthetic leg in just two short hours. They used their imaginations, teamwork and lots of duct tape.

Image of OSU entrance signBeaver Hangouts

Learn about Beaver Hangouts and how to bring this program to your SMILE club meetings. It is an excellent way to introduce OSU and connect students to college.

Glass with gel beads being madeSodium Alginate Gel Beads

Making sodium alginate gel beads is a fun and easy experiment to do with your students. This short video covers the basic definitions relating to the materials used and explores current research done using gel beads.

Matt Ozawa describing and reflecting on his experience as a SMILE student. SMILE Experience

Matt Ogawa, OSU Associate Director of Admissions, shares some of his experiences as a SMILE club member in Ontario High School.

mechanical hand prototype videoMiddle School Challenge
2016-17 Mechanical Engineering Team
Mechanical Hand Prototype 1 Video

Middle School Challenge 2016-2017 Mechanical Engineering Team

Introduction Video

SMILE Summer Bridge 2016

Student Reflection Video

A photograph of a falling structure during an earthquake.

Middle School Earthquake Challenge 2015-2016 Mechanical Engineering Team

Earthquake Challenge Videos

Teacher workshop introduction image.

2016 SMILE Teacher Workshop

Teacher Videos